The historically realistic simulation game of Roman political life.

Be a Roman

Serve in the legions or study rhetoric. Become a lawyer or a conqueror. Perhaps be assassinated for your ideals, leaving your son to avenge you. It's your story.





Live in a huge society

NPCs can do everything you can. Characters interact, compete and cooperate with each other. You're just another one among thousands.

Run for office

Rise through the offices of the Cursus Honorum, starting as a Tribune or Quaestor and making it all the way up to Consul.

Make your own history

There's no set story, you make yours by playing. Assassinate rivals, seduce lovers, betray friends ā€“ history is yours to rewrite.


Live and learn the past! Historia Realis is as accurate as it gets in the absence of time machines.

Deep Simulation

Hundreds of AI characters interacting, creating a simulation as deep as the Mediterranean.


After playing, you'll always have a unique story to tell on Discord, forums or your local tavern.

Hi, I'm Lucas!

Iā€™m a former history teacher who decided to make games.

I started as a hobby in 2012 when I was getting my master's degree. We had an assignment to make history more widely available, so I made a flash game called Avant-Garde, where you play as an artist in 19th century Paris.

I fell in love with making games, so I went on to make Painters Guild (an art academy management sim) and Roguemance (a roguelite with romance).

Historia Realis is my dream game. It takes you to Republican Rome and lets you do everything that the Romans did back then: socialize at the baths, sacrifice to the gods, and, of course, backstab your friends and eliminate your enemies!

You can follow me on Twitter.


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